Visit from Grandpa

First I must show you why I am late on the blog post.

Thanks Kerrie! I am a magazine freak! Love them. Actually, I recently gave up "Parenting" magazines. One article said something about a two year old should have 50 words by the age of two...that means we have about 45 words to learn between now and October 21. Not happening. So, I decided I'm ditching that one.

So, who brought these magazines from aunt Kerrie? Grandpa.

Like how I cleaned up the joint in his honor?

Brandon said this was stressing him out. To me, I see success, they are clean, but to help a guy out, I decided to do something about it.

I enlisted a helper. However, he thought the staircase needed a little color.He was pretty good at cleaning his room.

We don't have 50 words, but he can vacuum. Take that "Parenting" magazine!

As for the other Rice men, they headed out for a coffee and early lunch. Grandpa spent three weeks in Paris in the 70's, so they went back to one of his favorite spots. Fouquet's on Champs-Elysees. I have never been there seeing as the entrance is laid with gold names, but the men headed out. I've never had a 9 euro coffee, but they say it was pretty good. If any of you are not great with the conversion, let me do it for you...$12.00. Starbucks can't touch that. Here's what I say, when I'm 90, I deserve one of those as well.


Becky said...

send your addy to my email and i will send you some magazines...i have way too many and not enough time. love reading your stuff...

jeanne said...

First I wanted to be Mary, now I want to be Grandpa so I could come see you all. Unfortunately, not in the cards at this time. Shoot! Keep up the great work on the blog, I get to see you so often and love keeping up with your life and travels. Happy birthday to Aidan, hope all goes well with the surgery. Hugs and kisses to all.
Love you, Mom & Barney