Egypt 2008

I have been blessed with the opportunity to guest blog today. It is definitely much easier to stand behind and correct her, but once you are on the keyboard the pressure begins to mount. Well here it goes!! I never thought I would admit it, but in 5th grade I went and saw the Bangles "Walk like a Egyptian" concert, not that I am proud of it, but it relates to my recent adventure. Over this past week, I was blessed with the chance to actually visit Cairo Egypt. I was hesitant based on the books that Peggy checked out, but once I was there I was grateful that I was in this city of a polar opposite cultural from where I was was born and raised (Idaho). I met some amazing people in and outside of work, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to take a trip to put this one on their list. After work was said and done, I decided to take a personal day and check out the sites. Once arriving in Giza (Home of the pyramids) about 45 minutes from Cairo, I met my tour guide and transport. My guide spoke English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian ( Not bad for a guy who never left Egypt), as for my transport (Mickey Mouse) he gargled and spit as needed. My guide was amazing as he described the history of the pyramids and the people of Giza. I was in complete disbelief as I rode this camel through the history I read in textbooks. There are no words to describe the magnitude of this monumental human achievement. The one thing I know, is that the only thing that could have made this experience better was to have my family with me to capture this moment of time. Enjoy the slide show!!!!
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Cari said...

Your pics are amazing! Looks like you had a wonderful time! What was the weather like?

Carol said...

All the adjectives have been used up!!!!!!!!

Well done....thank you for sharing the pictures and your insights into a culture the United States is going to have to learn to work with!


Copper Rabbit said...

OK, Brandon. Your blog photos are great, but we are accustomed to a certain amount of sarcasm, irony, humiliation and down right rage in our blog postings. So if you can't truly open up, you are missing out on an opportunity to vent and we are not completely satisfied. Try it; it's cathartic. Really do love the photos(Mean it).

Brenna said...

One could never believe it possible but Brandon actually looks small (short, petite) on the camel!!!