What they would have missed

My brother recently left a comment that he and his wife Anita got a factoid book about the Eiffel Tower and originally the French did not love it and wanted it torn down.

Well thank heavens they didn't , because if they had, they wouldn't have seen this girl walking the streets a few weeks ago.
My mom sent her the Fancy Nancy Dress to complete her outfit and she couldn't wait to wear it. Where you ask. Straight to the top of the Tower. She even wore the heels during all the walking. Now, that is one tough cookie. Needless to say, not much makes Parisian's smile, but if you see this coming at you, you just can't help yourself.
She needed a bit of loving at the top, but after that she was all smiles.
The view from the top is blurry because it was so windy and cold that I just couldn't get a good shot. So this is my thank you to the French for not tearing it down. You made a little girl very happy. So happy in fact that she has requested to have her birthday tea there!!!
Where was Aidan? At home getting some one on one time with dad.
As an ending note, Pretty was a bit shocked that I spelled out the F word on the blog. He said, "maybe you could have put F$#%." Really? This coming from a guy who drops a jar of pickles and when it breaks a tidal wave of swear words come sailing out of his mouth as if he had been on the high seas with the other Sailors of the world his whole life.
Yes, I'm still grumpy.
When I went to pick up Aidan today I found him crying, curled up in the corner on his blanket. Huge lump in my throat, but she assured me (I think, that he did good up to that point).
Things I've tried:
Cappuccino...nope didn't do the trick
Prosecco...still no
Bag of chips...no again.
Avoiding public transportation today...no, it just got me 13,000+ steps on my pedometer and a pair of sore feet.
On the upside of that the kids are so worn out that they were in bed before 8:00. Maybe not such a bad plan after all?


patty said...


You need to come out to the mountains soon. I think a break from the city will do ya good! Cappucinno and chips may not have helped, so maybe a little lovin from Stinky and some tacos might do the trick!

I'm proud of you lady. Most folks back home wont understand just exactly how hard it is to do what you are doing right now, especially with a family of four! You are a star my friend! A bright shining star that will hopefully blind all those mean parisians with it's glow!

Lots of Love and a Big Hug,

Cari said...

Your kiddos are precious! You are such an awesome mom!

On a different note.... no offense taken by the F bomb! You know, my language is as bad as your hubbies! lol!

Copper Rabbit said...

Peg, those kiddies make me grit my teeth; they are so cute. Can I have just one, we can swap out every so often?