If only I had red sparkly shoes

There's no place like home, there's no place like home.
I swear the hits just keep coming.
I won't drag you through the entire day, but I will give you the cliff note version.
Two bus tickets 2.60 euro
One screaming mother trying to get off the bus with her 4 year child outside on the curb...
With a smile on her face she says, "Mommy I was pushing the button over and over for them to open the doors and let you out." That is one great kid.
Toto, we are not in Texas anymore.
To top it off, as I am running people down with my stroller trying to get off the bus and Aidan is about to hit the sidewalk on my frantic descent, a French woman tells me, "you should turn that thing around."
I will spare you the string of curse words that wanted to come out of my mouth.
I want my Tahoe back! There I said it.
Okay, happier news.
Jaylee started school and I have some pictures from her first day.

Since school actually involves a walk and a metro she had to change from her rain boots to her crocks. No carpool line here. Mostly a stroller line with younger siblings wishing they could go too. No, I'm sorry Aidan is excluded from those children.Making the walk up to her third story classroom. There is an upside to this, I might actually get a "butt" walking these stairs.

Jaylee quickly shows her skills by writing J-O-Y-L-E-E. A mother leans over to me and says, "Was her name Jaylee or Joylee?" I tell her it is Jaylee and we are thankful she is no longer calling herself 4.When she got home that day she told me, "My friend Ruby speaks Italian and I speak Texan".
Texas really should be it's own country according to Jaylee.
I would love to post pictures of Aidan at his school, but really you don't want to see that.
It is the same every time...grab on to mom's shoulders, hyperventilate, kick, scream, turn unnatural shades of red.
The kid loves me, what can I say. Then, just like the squirrel that I have become, I scurry off and look for the closest cup of coffee.


Cari said...

GO TECH, GO TECH, GO TECH! (Not to rub it in!)

So sorry about your troubles! I know it will get better! (We lived in Germany while I was growing up and we traveled all the countries...France like 5 times) I promise!! If not, my husband speaks French and he can come beat up those meanies!

I love hearing your stories!

Copper Rabbit said...

Oh, Jaylee is growing up too fast. I don't like it, I don't like it at all. Tell her I love her and a package just for her is on its way. XXXOOO

Jon said...

Anita got a surprise in her kids meal from Arby's. Yes, shes my little kid. Her surprise was a tiny factoid book on the Eiffel tower. I guess Mr Arby's loves France. Here is one for you; after it was completed the citizens thought it was ugly and wanted it torn down. I guess they must be a tough crowd to please.