Day two of strike

Well I made it another day without public transportation in Paris. The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze, nothing better than walking in weather like that. I even met Katie for a cup of coffee at my favorite little place. Believe it or not Aidan was with me and he behaved himself. I'm telling you things just felt better after that.
Have I mentioned that my mom arrives in Paris in the morning!!!
So there was much to do. Clean, clean and more clean. I swear when I became a full time mom I thought I would stay on a cleaning schedule and never have to speed clean. Wrong. I am just as behind as ever. So, it's all done and I promised myself that I would be in bed before 12. I have five minutes.
During my walks today I had plenty of time to think (I might have put the Paci back in Aidan's mouth to get a bit of peace...bad mommy...I'm telling you the Paci is not for him, it is for me) and I thought about how I was always late in the States. So my goal is to change that here. I am getting up before the kids, I even make breakfast. Jaylee actually asked me, "when I'm five can I make my own breakfast?" Are you kidding me?
But anyways, I have decided after waiting in the pick up line and being the parent to drop off in the morning, I'm not sure which is better, the late mom or the early mom.
We were the first ones to class today, that has never happened to me before. That being said, the teacher has a question for me.
"Has Jaylee been in school before?"
Yes, why?
"Well she holds her pencil with her whole fist."
Hum. I have never noticed this. Being the squirrel that I am, I have never slowed down to actually watch Jaylee write. Folks it is not a pretty picture. Well, now we have a goal. So, I tell Jaylee we have to start working on this and she says,
"No, I like it that way." Hey, at least she is assertive.

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bob said...

Have a wonderful time with your Mom, and give her our best regards and wishes for a happy visit.