Let there be Dell

Laptop, O' laptop, how I've missed you.
Here I sit comfortably on the couch, blog surfing as I may,
free to roam all over the home,
with my laptop I got back today.
"co-authored by Pretty Rice"
Can you tell I'm happy.
The day didn't start off fabulous, but it sure did end nicely.
As my great friend Renee once said, of her daughter Campbell, after breaking her leg, "she didn't stick that landing".
Well, neither did Aidan.
Last night he and his sister where doing some acrobatics off the furniture and he didn't stick his landing. Like the good mother I am, when I saw him try to walk and fail, I put him to bed hoping he would be fine in the morning.
No such luck.
Step out of bed, fall down. Take a few steps, fall down. Hold on to the wall, fall down.
So off to x-ray we went.
We got one leg done on account of his screaming and decided that would do the trick. That leg was fine, so we are pretty sure it is just a bad sprain (or we x-rayed the wrong leg). Now, he just walks like his Grandpa Justin. It is the saddest little limp you have ever seen.
But, he is still a happy little man (well, as happy as Aidan gets).
In the mornings, Jaylee wakes up and says, "maybe Aidan won't be a brut today?"
We love our grumpy little man.
Life with Jaylee:
At dinner this evening Jaylee looks at Brandon and I and says,
"So, how did you guys meet? You know get together?"
What the crap? She is 4.

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Copper Rabbit said...

Woohoo! I am so happy for us. Why for me; because I will get my regular blog fix. I have promoted RueRice to everyone I meet. I have been forcing people to read the entry about the doctor just to hear them laugh. I have decided the only way it could be funnier is if you wear leg warmers when you go for your next check-up (Just a thought).