While I was busy making this (to anyone interested they did have cucumbers and carrots before hand).
Aidan was busy doing this. Unfortunately, this couch is not from Ikea. Anyone have any ideas on how to get pin marks out of a leather couch?
Confession time.
It seems that every time in my life when I pass a quick judgment/comment on other people, that it always comes back to bite me in the buttocks.
When Colin, my nephew, was younger he wrote all over my sister Patty's leather chair. At the time I was in college with no children and I might have said something like, "How does that happen? What was she doing while he was writing on the furniture?" Well, once again, a lesson has been learned. Now that I have children I know that she could have easily assumed that it was safe to use the restroom or cook the child something to eat. But, no, neither of those things are safe. Nothing is safe with a toddler.

Once mommy was over the couch, it was time to try out some drawing skills on the proper surfaces. I would just like everyone to please note the crayon grip. Nice, very nice. As for the clothespin, the child can't do anything without a statement. On the way home from school, she told me, "Perhaps, you shouldn't do that." Perhaps.

Aidan's version of game time after diner. Dice? What, they aren't part of dessert?

But, on the bright side, I am starting early on him. Look at those skills. He even said "blue".

Dell update.
We tried to make it home from the school run and my French lesson, but it just didn't happen. But I do have confirmation that he will be here tomorrow. I have every intention of doing a blog post from my laptop tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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patty said...

Karma Sucks.

Let me know if you'd like me to come to Paris to help you out when the little guy gets his surgery...just in case Brandon is out of town.

Lots of Love,