Guess who's coming to our house

Yes, you read that right.
I myself cannot believe it either. Considering last time I talked to the states they gave me the "Paris" contact number for Dell and after repeating it, I thought, that sounds familiar. You know why? Because they had just given me Brandon's Paris cell number. I'm not even kidding. So truly I am shocked that they are coming.
But thrilled to death and no I wont eat them when they get here.
Brandon and I also got a thrill of another kind today.
When we got off of the elevator, our little neighbor was standing in the hall. Through sign language, French and English we got that she was locked out and her husband "Herve" was in the shower. So we hung out for a while and then rang her doorbell again.
This time Herve heard it and answered.
Herve, at about 80 years of age still has it going on.
Herve answered the door in his blue bikini tighties. Herve didn't hide behind the door either. That would make anyone smile.


Copper Rabbit said...

Your old neighbors called. Dell is at your door....in Arlington! Just kidding; no I'm not. Yes I am.

jaclyn said...

grrrr tiger.. you offer him a wax?