Sunglasses please

Why the picture? Just because it makes me smile. I took it while we were at the beaches of Normandy. Just makes me smile.

As for the rest of day.
Well, not so funny.
I once watched a movie and the saying was, "let's hug it out".
Today, my mantra was more like, "let's cry it out".
That's right, I shed tears four times before 11am. But, hey, I guess you have to do whatever gets you past the brick wall of buttocks and breasts.
I can also without a doubt, let you all know that just about everyone at Jaylee's school knows that the "new mom" is about to lose it.
So I tried my best to keep it together, which was not great, upon quickly exiting the school. This is where a good pair of Jackie O glasses would have come in handy. With the glasses I could look tres chic and very well put together. Without the glasses I just look like a mother who can't hold a conversation without her eyes welling up with tears. I am going shopping for glasses on Thursday. With no car to cry in, a girl has to resort to crying in her bus seat and that is just not very chic. Glasses would make me look much more mysterious.
As a positive note, I met Katie in the park and enjoyed some sun and fresh air. She even came complete with five dice and print outs of games for kids that include dice and coloring. That's a good woman.
After that, it was Aidan's nap time and time for a "good" cry. I read all your comments and of course, they made me cry, but it was a good cleansing cry. You know, warm tears streaming down your cheeks, in the privacy of your living room, just getting it all out. So, I'm hoping the constricting feeling in my throat clears soon, but you never know with a lump, they just come and go as they feel.
O' that lump. It came back upon pick up of Jaylee at school. Yep, everyone knows the new mom is close to the edge.
However, next time I hope to be prepared with a fancy pair of sunglasses.
Tomorrow is ballet and one cannot help but smile with little girls running around filled with giggles and wearing all pink.


Copper Rabbit said...

I firmly believe that the French will be nicer too you now that they have unanimously demonstrated their convictions of superiority over you by crushing your spirit. You are in; it should be all wine & cheese from here forward. Cheer up; you've joined a really mean sorority with good food.

Carol said...

Chin up old girl!!! And get those Jackie O glasses pronto!

Remember all those books we talked about...every single one of them said the same thing...these people are different.

I love what copper rabbit said too...at least there is good food and good wine...and all your buddies back in the states miss you terribly.

Love you,


tammy said...

Hang in there Peggy- You can do this. You are doing a great job, better than most in your situation. Remember people are far more intersted in themselves than they let on. I bet they have hardly noticed the beautiful American Mom who is having such a stressful time. They are consumed with their own lives. Make sure to get some "me" time whenever possible and remember you would be having some of these same issues even if you were back home. Reach out to the friends you have made there in Paris, again we all get caught in our own hectic lives, make sure your friends know you need a friend to listen and have a bottle of wine with.

Grandmama said...

One word....LEXAPRO (10 mg - 1 each day). You will feel like a new woman. However, there is absolutely NO NEED to undress in order to get a prescription, so DO NOT be fooled by another letcherous French doctor!!
love you, deb