Fall is here!

There is something you must know about me. I love fall. When I found out Aidan was due in the month of October I got so excited! I actually had a reason to throw a fall party. So, now that we live in Paris and there are more than two seasons here (Texas went from hot to winter over a matter of a week) I can actually enjoy fall. That being said we headed back to the farm.

This time we didn't do as much produce "picking" as I would like (only apples), but it was a great day for letting the kids enjoy the open air and farm animals.

I love that they can run around out here and I never have to tell them no. Well, almost never.

At first, she was a bit scared, but then she was a pro!

Aidan preferred chasing them (his limping version) to actually touching them.

I love this one. It is as if she has the whole world in front of her.They also found some bunnies that they would like to take home. Not happening. The kids weren't the only ones who found something they bonded with. Brandon met up with a certain animal he has a lot in common with from time to time.
What's the name of that animal? A donkey. No, I'm pretty sure they go by another name. What is it? Jack Ass? Yep, I think that's what it is. But, he's my Jack Ass and we love him. After Brandon got done catching up with his friend, we headed out for some prime picking.And test tasting.
I swear I could do this every weekend. Growing up in the country I think you take it for granted a bit. However, it's not as though Pleasanton looks like this, but you get the point. Maybe you have to get the other wants out of your system, like living in a big city (I loved the show Mad About You, I always wanted to live in a big city and take the subway after that show...be careful what you wish for), before you decide that living in the country again might not be so bad. So we are going to live out the first dream, as crazy as it might get from time to time, and come out here as often as we can to try and get a little country.We even brought some of the country back to Paris for our first official fall meal. I even broke out the Le Creuset that Pretty got me for our anniversary (it was our metal year). When we sat down, we noticed that I never took the sticker off. I guess that means that I never washed it either. O' well, we are all still alive and the chicken was fabulous.

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Cari said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I wish I was in Paris for the fall! XO!