Breaking News

Just kidding. There is enough of that in the news.
During the day, they play hard, but they fall hard too. They have taken to sleeping in the same bed, looks like we could have saved some money on those bunk beds (according to the news today, we probably should have). O'well, they make for a great jungle gym.

Wall Street and Congress might not be looking so great today, but main street in Aidan and Jaylee's room saw lots of sunshine and nutella snacks.
You know what's funny?

Even my kids know better than to bicker back and forth with the "she did it or he did it" blame game.

They will get a time out.



Jon said...

What are you feeding Aidan? Looks like apples with Vegemite.

Jon said...

Oh. It helps to read the blog first. Nutella. Mmmmm :)