Just a few steps

We have done some walking!
The first day mom got here my friend Sabina's husband (an unbelievably nice French man) showed us around Paris and took us places I would have never thought of taking mom.
This is from the top of the Arabic Institute. An amazing view of Notre Dame. Next we headed over to the Jardin de Plants where Aidan had a blast running over Paris (topographical map on display).

Jaylee and Matis took in a free dance lesson on the river. At first Jaylee protested and then gave in once she saw Matis's moves.
We had an Arabic mint tea and sampled some fabulous pastries.
The picture of the tea sucks, but I'm telling you it was good. So warm and sweet. I had never had a desire to have Arabic tea, but now I want more!
What a great day!
Then it came time for me to be the tour guide on Monday. Not as easy as you would think.
This looked like the tower of Notre Dame. Wrong. How do I know this? Because I walked us around this block and this church twice thinking, "I know you don't have stand in line and pay to see Notre Dame." So, I ask a guard, "If I just want to see Notre Dame do I have to stand in line?" To which he replies, "NO. Cross that bridge and take a left." I am an idiot.
That is what Notre Dame looks like. Just like the guard said, "cross the bridge and take a left." If only I hadn't walked around that other church block two times before I decided to ask.My favorite part of Notre Dame.Aidan's favorite part of Notre Dame. This is a park next door to Notre Dame. I got lucky inside of the church because Aidan was asleep, as soon as we exited he woke up and was ready to go. You have to love Paris and it's parks.
Then it was time to pick Miss Jaylee up from school and do the walk home. MeMaw can't believe this is our walk home from school.
Now for today.
We did Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe or shall I say 284 steps to the top of the Arc?
If you are coming for a visit I will give you a map of the metro and tell you to get off at the end of line 6. Been there done that, thank you very much. I actually found something that kicked my skinny mother's ass. She said she can now officially visit the handicap stalls while in Paris. But hey, she looked good once she was at the top.


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks great! I am so jealous, almost makes me want to come to Paris.. but as Mary knows I don't like flying over water... We all miss her so much, so enjoy her while you have her. And again look forward to your next entry!
All the best,

denise said...

Hey there'll be no getting lucky inside the church...LOL - Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun. I miss seeing your smiling face Mary everytime I head back to the copier. Keep up the fun and pastries.

Copper Rabbit said...

Those are some good genetics! Aunt Mary just keeps looking better and better, while the rest of the world goes down hill. In the words of Peggy, "What the crap!" Kisses to you all.

Becky said...

What a wonderful visit!! Your pictures are fantastic. I am missing you!!

Jon said...

Wow. Yep. Those pictures make even me wish I was in paris.

There is something about the tone of your blog today. I cant put my finger on it, but the word "happy" comes to mind. :)

meg duerksen said...

man i wish i could live a few days of your life. :)

bob said...

Wish we had your genes! You and your Mom still look more like sisters than moother daughter.

Isobel and Bob