A day of rest

No it's not Sunday, but we are tired.
So, we had a long, fabulous lunch complete with a bottle of wine and then did some shopping. Nothing is better than shopping after a bottle of wine...sorry Pretty.
However, before this leisurely lunch it was a full speed morning. Jaylee had school this morning and her first ballet lesson was today.
I am so proud of this kid! After her class, not a whisper of English spoken in the class. I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. I asked her if she understood the teacher and she said no. Then she says, "I told myself I don't know what she is saying...I gotta learn those words!"
She amazes me daily.
Today my friend was over for dinner and Jaylee was doing her usual rattle of French words, which I always think is pretend, and in fact today it was not. She was saying, "I am here." I stand corrected.


Copper Rabbit said...

I know you are her mom, but I also say that Jaylee is beautiful inside and out. Any child that spends the night in the ER and then says, "Thank you" for giving her more medicine when you get her home is amazing. However, God help the person that tries to pick out which clothes she is going to wear for the day! XXXOOO

Renee of Austin said...

I love it! I can see it now: French ballerina with a Texas twist. Maybe ballet in pink cowgirl boots...?

Love from Texas!

Grita said...

I am quite sure you can give Jaylee the benefit of all your dancing knowledge you got from your Pacesetter and Twirling years. I still have "mostly" fond memories of those day.

Love, rw

Jon said...

Your doing a great job as a mother. When Anita and I have kids will you raise them.