Goodbye to our Erynn

Well, as many of you know I had a helper this summer, and all good things must come to an end. I have been one week without my Erynn. One week without help on the buses, metro, house, kids you name it. She might have been a teenager, complete with glaring looks and mood swings, but she was my teenager if only for a little while.
She tried new things, grieved the tragic loss of a friend, conquered the bus system, swore off kids until she was ninety (summer in Paris, priceless birth control), explored the city by herself and best of all gained some great life experiences.
My kids fell in love with her.
Aidan doesn't say many words but it was clear when he would yell for ERYNN! The best part, he called her name in the middle of the night. One night he wouldn't stop crying so I decided to pull my lazy bottom out of bed and see what was going on. I walked in to see Erynn rocking a screaming baby on her bed looking, exhausted, confused and totally scared. Every teenage girl should experience this once. Honestly, she did great, but at that moment I knew my job had been done. I do not believe Erynn will be having children anytime soon.
As for Jaylee, Erynn was the best. Even if Jaylee didn't care for Erynn's cooking she loved everything else about her. Now, if I go to play with her, she counters with "Erryn did it so perfect."
So, I'm not so perfect. Who knew?
However, I do think Jaylee is perfect at summing up her own feelings about Erynn, "I want Erynn in my heart, just not in my head."
We miss you Erynn!
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The Teenager said...

Hey this is erynn
I would like to start off this comment with asking you what you were thinking putting those pictures of me on your blog. If i could only give you the look one more time.
Man don't you miss me.lol

I will e-mail you later to discuss other things because guess what i don't live ner there.