I still don't like Dell

My dear friends, Dell really is the devil.
I have another computer (a slow Dell), but really I get violent visions when I sign on. Trust me, I don't need anymore of them. On the morning commute to Jaylee's school I had visions of running over a smug commuter. I could just see the surprised look on her face! No, I didn't do it. I waited on the next train, just to avoid her.
Anyways, we are still alive. Jaylee had her first day of school and loved every minute of it. She sang a song for us this evening and we have no idea what she said. Neither did the French man standing next to her.
Aidan was finally accepted into school. I swear I was becoming the Lynette Scavo of Paris, France. He put on his best show for them complete with mock hyperventilation. They actually did a four day trial to "adapt" him. I'm not sure who did the adapting, but they did accept a check.
Pretty is ditching me for 9 days in Italy.
Which is okay. Why? Because my mom is coming for a visit! Also, did I mention that Aidan got accepted into school? That means free time in Paris with no children. Which I would like to officially put Dell on alert. I will have 8 complete hours a week to do nothing but call your hot line!
Even though we haven't seen sun for days, the future is looking bright.


Copper Rabbit said...
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Copper Rabbit said...

Peg, I hate Dell too now. If I sign on one more time and don't see a new blog I am going to start dialing the hotline. I need my RICE! Love, Otter

patty said...


I think that the Snowden ladies should come out for a little bit of fresh Alpine air in Cham! I have recently imported corn tortillas and a very fast mac laptop readily available for your every blogging whim to be used!

Lots of love and hope to see you soon!