Rainy Days

When we moved to Paris I knew that it rained a lot here. However, I had no idea. I'm pretty sure that our "summer" is over. We have had rain pretty consistently and not a lot of hot days here. Trust me I am not complaining, just a mere observation. I do not miss hot, sticky summer days in Texas. But, I will say this, I certainly took warm, sunny days for granted while I lived there. I was so busy complaining about how hot it was when the kids and I played outside that I never once thought about what the alternative could be.
Well, this is it.
A slippery wet balcony in rain gear. I must say they are very imaginative with what they have to work with, not to mention very cute.

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kim said...

Welcome to my world, sounds like the weather in Paris is the same as it is here in Portland, we had about a week of 80 to 90 degrees and now its 50 degrees and raining, a very short summer season this year. but I love living here in the Great Northwest, my grass is always green.
Love Ya,
Kimberly Gaye