Mickey's House

Is that Mickey's House? We did a sneak attack on Jaylee when we visited Disneyland Paris. Jaylee had it in her head that she wanted to go camping. You all know that I prefer "hoteling". Maybe it was the month long RV trip with my family in high school, but truly why would I give up the modest conveniences that I have here to do even more work in the woods with even fewer conveniences? So I lied and told her we were going camping.
While we were at the bus stop she looked up and saw a poster for Disney and says, "I sure would want to go there."
After a 45 minute train ride that drops you off front and center to the entrance of Disney. That's right no parking hassles. She announces that all she wanted to do was camp on the balcony. So, when we turn the corner and she sees the entrance all she can say is, "Is that Mickey's House?"
There you have it, not many more thoughts about camping.
She loved most everything about the park and did say that this was much better than camping and that we should come back here again.
From time to time, Jaylee gets in a mood over having her picture taken. Not on this particular day. She was all smiles. We did the fast pass on all the rides and that certainly helps with the mighty mood swings of Aidan. However, he did keep himself entertained by licking every metal post covered in lord knows what while we waited in line. I decided that if he didn't catch the plague in the next day or so that he was going to make it.
Guess who got sick.
Jaylee. Bless her heart, the kid can't catch a break.
Even though Aidan certainly has some mystery illness lurking deep below, he didn't seem to mind.
The balloon did him in. A full day of rides, cotton candy, candy, coke, burgers, fries and popcorn he couldn't resist a little rest.

Seeing as Aidan was catching some much needed Z's, we decided to stay for the parade. The bad parents that we are, we thought about leaving to avoid the crowds. But our better judgement took over and we stayed. When Jaylee saw the parade coming down the street she squealed with delight and announced, "That's the poster from the bus!"
It was the best part of the day. Just watching her enjoy that moment and seeing Aidan asleep with a death grip on his new balloon made my heart smile.


Kerrie said...

Jaylee, Auntie Kerrie will take you camping if you come next summer. We do it all the time and it is fun. Now my kids want to go to Disneyland when we come visit. No more skiing for my family. It is all about Euro Disney. Much love

Cari said...

I am so jealous of your Disney trip! We are HUGE Disney people! We even got engaged at Disneyworld in front of Cinderella's castle!! I finally found my prince charming..Anyway, back to Disney, Our goal is to take Emma to all the Disney parks. w00t!

Jaclyn said...

ah. i love reading your posts. it makes me smile to see you making memories with your sweet babies. you are a precious - and i mean that in the best way :) - mother and i love hearing the sweetness in your tone and how you are ejoying being a mommy. makes me a little weepy. BUT HELL - I MAY STILL BE HORMONAL. lol.

Renee of Austin said...

Great pictures and great smiles!! I can't wait to take Campbell to Disney... what am i saying??? I've been to Disney... thank goodness i have at least a few years to prepare for a return visit. =)
Looks like you're really getting into the whole Euro thing. We miss you bunches! Kiss them all for us!

meg duerksen said...

i want to go camping with you!
the best camping in the whole world.

that is a classic story you can tell her whole life.
so funny.