Dell is the Devil

Dell is the Devil.
I did a little follow up on the status of my computer repair.
August 9th claim submitted to France dispatch.
Brandon calls USA on August 19th.
August 20th France dispatch responds that they have received claim.
I call France dispatch...no answer, no machine.
Killing me!!!!!!
This computer, also a Dell, is unbelievably slow!!!!
So, I can't update pictures or anything because it takes forever.
Plenty of things to say, not nearly enough time in the day to sit here and wait on the computer.
A condensed version:
Disneyland Paris
Playmobil Park
A package from Memaw in Vegas complete with clothes and toys for kids...wait for pictures of Jaylee decked out in complete Fancy Nancy outfit!
Had the best coffee so far in France...it was at a McDonald's Cafe...I'm not even kidding.
Celebrated my 6th anniversary with Brandon in Paris by making out under the Eiffel Tower and then taking a limo home (no sorry, that was bus number 42).
Heading to Normandy tomorrow, cross your fingers I won't be cleaning any vomit from this rent-a-car!


Carol said...

Glad all is well with you, if not your computer!

I have missed reading about you all and the pictures brighten my day!

Happy anniversary...my goodness 6 yrs went by fast!

Love to all,


bob said...

baileyboy1Happy for some news. Under the Eifel tower, eh? You sound as though even without a computer, you're still having fun! Hope your weekend trip goes without a hitch and you have a wonderful time.