One Fine Monday

Look what came in the mail today. Kim and Roxanne you rock! What a great surprise. The kids were in heaven.
This package could not have come at a better time. Today on Jaylee's way out the door she tells me 'Wait, I have to get my cell phone in case my friends from Texas call.' So when a package from her friends showed up, well, even more than she could have asked for. Brandon say's there is even more at the office, he just couldn't fit it all with him on this trip home. Well, that SUV we sold before coming would have been good for a few things here. Anways, they are over the moon with excitement.

This was such a happy moment for me. The kids are thrilled and I have a lump in my throat. It is amazing how you meet some people in life that you just know you were meant to be friends with and these ladies are some of them. WE can't wait for your visit. They have booked their tickets and are confirmed on a flight...yeah!!!!

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Cari said...

It is so great reconnecting! Y'all look amazing!! I am so envious of your life in Paris!! AMAZING!! You look like you blend right in!!