Good Fences

Someone once made up the saying that Good fences make good neighbors. Well, what do you do when you live in an apartment? I have hesitated writing about my neighbor for a while only because I thought it might not come across as very nice. But, now I really just don't care and at this point you all know me too well.
I will start by saying that we really have no contact. Actually, we have only seen one another on a few instances. However, I smell her.
She is a smoker and a lover of cats.
Don't get me wrong I have some smokers in my life and I love them. I actually even like cats, I liked mine so much that I never even named the poor thing and when we moved she just moved next door. Just kidding I really do like cats, I'm just allergic. All the same I don't like cat liter which brings me to my point.
The smell.
Normally all you smell from her apartment is smoke. So, I installed a sealer around our front door so that it will not crawl into our apartment. But, sadly when you open the door there is nothing you can do about the smell that hits you in the face. It is like one big smoking, shitting cat in the hall. It is down right offensive at the end of the week. Why? Probably because she is far to busy smoking to ever worry about the big piles of merde sitting around in the litter box.
So, seeing as I am always with Jaylee I try to keep my comments to myself. But, Miss Jaylee is smart and can draw her conclusions.
Today waiting on the lift our neighbor briskly walks past us.
Jaylee summed up my feelings pretty well I must say...
'That was our lady.'
Yes, I said.
'Did you see her face?'
'I think so it wasn't good.'

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