Long time no blog

Well, Dell and I are no longer friends.
My computer has now crashed for the second time, but this time it is much worse. Why? Because it is August in Paris and not many working people around. Dell is sending some parts and then I am to contact the Paris representatives. Sure. Even Dell knows this is going to take some time. So, my dear friends we are trying everything to get it back up and going, but we all know that I am far from technical. Yes, I did call in the "ringer", aka Jonathan, but we were both shot down by Dell. An accidental call drop. Right. Even Dell knows they can no longer help.

So I am stuck in Paris with no computer and the streets filled with only the angriest group of Parisians. Most all self respecting Parisians have left for vacation, but they forgot their pissed off wrinkled parents back in Paris. What do I say to that? COME BACK AND PICK UP YOUR PARENTS! These are a fierce group of people. They are old and very irate. If any of you are familiar with my family stories, my dad's mother was not the warmest of characters. I think she was a mixture of French and Syrian. Anyways, the streets are filled with her clones. The difference is they are armed with shopping trolly's and dogs. Save me now!

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Shelley Lynn said...

Hang on Peggy, I know how you feel, customer service hasn't yet arrived to the 3rd. world countries. I was told by the clerk at the electric co. that they'd be by at any moment to fix something here. Today, 6 days later I call to see why they haven't come, and am told the same thing, any moment now. So I ask, what does (any moment now mean) and he says, It means we have 10working days after you originally ask for service to get the job done. I said, oh I thought possibly it meant you'd be around within the next halfhour, thanks so kindly for clarifying it for me. So the nexttime someone gives you the rundown for expecting service of some sort just tell them that France is no better than a 3rd. world country as far as cutomer service is concerned!

Keep the pictures coming! Love, Shelley