Hello ALL!!
I was requested by the blog-aholic to provide a quick update on the events that have transpired over the past week. Our computer has had a small gliche at home, unfortunatly we lost the hard drive. But fortunatly for us we have a Dell that is under warranty, after seeing the look on Peggys face I knew that this was not a issue to be taken lightly. I made a quick call to the 24hr dell support, and they assured me that within 24hrs a representative from dell in Paris will call me for the immediate replacement of our hard drive. I in turn hung up, feeling a sense of accomplishment for putting action into place. Well that lasted about one minute until I reflected on the statement from the tech support "A representative from dell in Paris will contact you within 24hrs" The key word being "Paris" in this statement. So today is Thursday, and this call was placed on Monday and I am still waiting for the call. So since Monday, Peggy has went through the following stages; Denial, Anger and now Depression. It has been a trying week for Peggy as she goes through this tramatic time in her life. We appreciate all your prayers during this time of need, and look forward to the day Peggy can get her fix ( a new hard drive!!)

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Carol said...

Peggy is not the only one going through withdrawal!