I've missed you!

Finally! I have a functioning computer. Thank you Jesus. I have gone through multiple Dell "technicians" in the past week. Jared, one "tech", I am certain had just taken one giant hit off his bong before taking my call. How do I know this. Well, his response to my "problem" was, "You're in France? How did you get me on the phone? I don't know how to help you if you are in France." What the crap!@@#* The computer is the same regardless of what country I'm in. You speak English, I speak English, let's get this thing fixed. At one point after I had explained how our Arlington, TX phone number worked in Paris, he says "Wow, the Internet can take you anywhere." To which I reply, "Really, Jared, not mine!" Needless to say, Jared and I had a short lived relationship.
The next gentleman from the Philippians, was much better. I know this because I spent almost two hours on the phone with him. We got all the formalities out of the way, he likes karaoke, and he helped fix the computer right up to the point when we were disconnected. Damn. So I figured it out from there and today we finally finished up the "process" with Jim on Dell chat.
Voila. I'm back.
So much has happened I don't even know where to start.
Last weekend we went to an Asado (Argentinian BBQ) and it was wonderful. Fantastic people and a language I could actually follow. I tried out my Spanish and thankfully it was still there, give or take a few bad verb conjugations and bad pronunciation. The nice thing about Spanish and those that speak the language is how nice they are. No crazy looks and repeating the word numerous times when they knew very well what I was trying to say. Just a nice, friendly face totally okay with the fact that I was giving it a try. I swear every person I talk to on a daily basis teaches me five different ways to pronounce "euro". I still can't pronounce it properly, but I sure can spend it.
Speaking of spending euros we went to the Jardin Des Tuileries where they were having a carnival. We gave the-REALLY huge- Ferris wheel a try.

Not Brandon's brightest moment. I have mentioned many times that I am claustrophobic. Have I mentioned that he is terrified of heights? While at a stand still atop of Paris, with what he will certainly classify as "tornado" winds Jaylee calmly tells him, "don't be so nervous daddy."
So, we tried something a bit more his speed. He was perfect with the boats and being back on the ground.
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I have missed you too....