The new Target

In Texas I had an addiction to Target. It is just something about the nice wide, bright isles filled with everything you never needed, but always wanted. Now, when I'm feeling homesick I will just go to the website and browse. I can image myself getting a Starbucks and just walking the isles.

Now grocery shopping is different in a big way!

So today is dedicated to the market and my cousin Angie who loves food just as much as I do. Also, my friend Yolanda, a fellow dietitian, will be so proud of my purchases. Not a hydrogenated fat in sight. She is a good dietitian. I am not. I have the "do as I say, not as I do motto". Yolanda actually does just what one should when making food choices. When I drink a Coke it is the real thing, no diet. When I order a cappuccino it has whole milk (sorry mom). When I have butter, I mean butter, not margarine. Let's just say when I do it, I do it all the way. Breath mom. Needless to say, I fit in well here.

First stop the butcher.

Typically the butcher scares me. I don't know why. I am not afraid to try out my feeble French skills on the baker, the fruit stand man (Omar) or even the Italian man. They all understand that verbs are optional when I speak in French. They don't even mind when I come in with my homework sheet and proceed to slaughter my vocabulary words. But today was a new day and my tutor gave me some new found confidence in vocabulary so I off I went to give it a try.

See! Not to bad. I'm not sure what I was scared of, because he was fabulous. Check out these hamburgers (steak hache). He ground it right in front of us. Jaylee was very impressed.I do believe that is the freshest meat I have ever seen. I do not miss that strange brown color inside the meat from Target or Kroger.

Next stop Eggs.

Do you see that price? That is for 6 and that is in Euros. That is $3.33 for 6 eggs. I have to stop doing that conversion thing, it will drive me crazy.

Now for the cheese. Close your eyes mom.

Jaylee took the picture for me, but you get the idea. Incredible. Here is what we ended up with. The butter is homemade with sea salt. They shape them in molds with imprints of animals, ours had a cow. We also got some great yogurts and fromage blanc. Yum.
Okay mom you can open your eyes.Some of the most beautiful produce I have ever seen.

Tonight I made steamed artichokes, salmon and pasta. This is a proud moment for my mother. I not only like salmon, but I can also prepare it these days. That bowl in the background was my Grandmother's. It has lived in Cotulla, TX and now Paris, France.I couldn't leave out my Italian Man. This is Salami Milano with Fontina. Best snack around. Jaylee and Aidan are hooked.Flower of the week, Freesia. I put it by my bed and it makes the whole room smell amazing. Not to mention, you can't be in a bad mood if you wake up next to flowers.Also, you can't help but smile when you see this little guy. That bread was meant for a picnic tomorrow that he will not be attending, due to his measles.Lastly, I got this little door stop. In Paris you do not have air conditioning. You open up all the windows and the cross ventilation is natural A/C. However, the wind can be very strong slamming doors that just might take off one of my kids fingers. I got the escargot, because the districts of Paris are laid out in the shape of an escargots shell.

Shocking I do have some knowledge of Paris. Thank you Rick Steve's.


Carol said...

Wow..I am so impressed...with the site, with the pictures, your wonderful dinner, the play list and the fact that Aidan has on a long sleeve shirt in July!

You are amazing! I am so proud of how you are adapting to all of this.

Yo said...

I swear, Peggy, it is like you don't even know me. I have nothing against butter - prefer it to margarine as a matter of fact.
I do, however, have a problem with ordering a drink from Starbuck's made with whole milk.

I also have a problem with giving a 2 year old a regular soda and bag of cheetos so they sit in the cart quietly while you meander up and down the aisles at Target.

The biggest problem that I have with you is that you will eat Bubba's BBQ every night for a week and still have the body of a 16 year old.

And THAT, my dear, sweet, Gayle, whom I love so much, is why you drive me nuts!

Hope the allergies are treating you well.

All my love.

kim said...

Hey, like the new look on your blog sight. I won't complain about paying three dollars for a dozen eggs any more, yesterday I just bought some really good salame tascano and pecorino di pienza from italy at new seasons our local market here in PDX it's like whole foods. Love Rick Steves too.

Love Ya,

Brenna said...

Hi Peggy! J

ust 2 quick thoughts: 1)You gave the blog a great facelift, by the looks of it you could start teaching a blogging class at La Sorbone
2)The portrait of Aidan with the bluberries is simply beautiful! Great photography going on too!

Hope all is well!

Con mucho cariƱo,


krebs3-4 said...

Hey there its Krebby, trying to stay in touch. Has Brandon's e-mail address changed? Have him send me a quick note. I really like your blog its nice to see what you guys are up to.

take care.


meg duerksen said...

ohhhh...i need flowers by my bed!
that really would make me feel much better everyday.
that shopping is so cool.
very different from target and so healthy.
so french. :)
did you ride your bike and put it all in a basket...and wear a beret while smoking a cigarette?
i am kidding.
(what other stereotypes could i throw in there?)
it all looks so pretty.