5% chance

Well, with odds like 5% chance one would feel like they are pretty safe. Not in the Rice family.

That is measles. Yes, I said measles. This picture truly does not even do it justice. As many of you know I was very hesitant at getting Aidan immunized at the six month mark, so I ever so politely declined the 17 live injections. Don't go crazy yet. I just wanted to space them out and I really did not see a reason to vaccinate him against chicken pox or rota virus. My other reason behind declining the 17 live injections was that Europe requires half of these and since we are living here I figured let's try their method. The Canadian Dr. living in France totally agreed with me. Also, here the Dr.'s don't keep vaccinations at their office, you get a prescription for them, pick them up and then the Dr. administers the shots. So, all that being said, I discussed all my concerns and we decided on the European required vaccinations. After the screaming of Aidan subsided she warned of a rash and fever possibly in 10 days. In rare cases, 5%, they can develop a case of measles. We are so lucky. Home bound for a few days (I don't even know if he is contagious, but he looks pathetic).

At the parks here you see children with chicken pox all the time. I wanted him to get the chicken pox. I feel it is a childhood right of passage. We all had chicken pox and we are still around to tell about it. Well, maybe I was not clear enough with my wish. I said chicken pox!!!!

Just to give this day a bit more excitement, Brandon calls from Italy saying his left arm "feels tired". Apparently he has been feeling it off and on for the past day and a half. Help!!!! He spent the day in the hospital and they ran all the necessary tests and communicated through Google Translate and it looks like he is going to live. All turned out fine, they think it could be a pinched nerve from the "sticks" aka crutches.

Where are the eclairs when a girl needs one?!@* Enough about that on to the fun stuff.

Our friends Patty and Phil came by for a visit on their way to Scotland. Seeing as Patty is La Mexicana, she brought tortillas from the states and her own sense of style to the streets of Paris. (I will honestly say she is the only person who could pull this outfit off in the middle of this town.) Words cannot describe the excitement that this small gift brought to us by the French cowgirl. We love Mexican food and miss it dearly. To enjoy it with friends in the middle of Paris was even better.


Carol said...

Do they sell Aveeno Oatmeal bath there...we used gallons of the stuff when Evan had Chicken Pox...Poor baby and poor mom.

I love your apartment...send more pictures!

Love you bunches,


meg duerksen said...

i seriously didn't even think this was really around anymore.
poor baby.
oh....poor baby.
what a total bummer.

Yo said...

AHHHHH, the photo of Patty brought a smile to my face. I would like to think that I, too, could pull off that outfit . . . with my birks and a dress 2 sizes too big.


Renee of Austin said...

But that is a super cute hiney!!
Hang in there!

Brian/Michele/Mason and Hayden said...


Is that UNR Patty?


Brian/Michele/Mason and Hayden said...

That's funny to see an old UNR girl pop up on a French Blog!!!

Tell her I said "Hi" when you talk to her next.