Potty Mouth

This sweet girl picked up a very bad habit from her mother.

A few weeks ago we went to a friends house for a friendly yet competitive game of Wii boxing, bowling and tennis. I might have said, more than a few times, "I am going to kick your ass!"
Yesterday while drawing with Erynn, Jaylee announces that she is going to draw a picture. Her picture was a portrait of yours truly kicking Erynn's ass.
My potty mouth days are over.


Yo said...

the fact that she drew a picture of you kicking e's ass is faaarrr funnier than her simply dropping that statement in an awkward moment.


Renee of Austin said...

Have I mentioned lately that Jaylee is a girl after my own heart! That is (*&%#ing hilarious!

Grita said...

Out of the mouth of babes.....
That is hilarious.....Good thing Campbell cant talk plain yet after a week here at Gritas. Not to mention me and HEather but we had a visit or 2 from Stephanie..no telling the words she might have learned. hahahah Jaylee is a funny girl.