Baby it's hot outside

From previous posts we all know that I am not going to win any mother of the year awards, well yesterday was nothing new. We went to the Paris Beach again for an after work picnic. So Katie, myself and the gang stalked out some grass...which we finally managed enough space once Katie got a tongue lashing from one skinny speedo wearing man, "you must learn French". Thank you speedo man, as if we are not trying. Did you know that the speedo is a requirement at public pools? Yes, it is. As well as a swimming bonnet (plastic condom looking thing that goes over the head). So, when you see Aidan sporting a speedo don't make fun of me.

Last week when we where here I brought everything but the kitchen sink for the kids to the beach. All these supplies plus two kids going up and down stairs in a metro is not fun. Needless to say I scaled down a bit today.

  • Swimsuits NO

  • Sunblock NO

  • Umbrella NO

  • Towels NO

You get the idea. This time I stuck to the basics food, wine, beer and water.

Did I make all of that? NO. Everyone brought great food, wine, water and beer. Seeing as it was a heat wave in Paris, 82-85, chilled Rose Wine was top choice.

A good time was had by all. But of course there is always a funny story that comes when you bring so many different languages and cultures together. Everyone there spoke a minimum of two languages. Except the Americans. Trust me, we want to speak, it is just slow going. So back to the point. When people are telling a joke or using slang, sometimes it is not always received the right way. Trust me it lends to great laughs later. Brandon always tell me, "slow down when you speak." Well, if any of you have heard him speak lately, he sounds like he is German trying to speak English. Seriously, a lady in perfect "Queens English" told him so.

So at the picnic someone pulled out of bag of cherries. I love the cherries here. This week at the market they had disappeared from all the stalls. So when I sent Erynn down to "our" fruit guy he told her the season was over. This was a very sad moment for me. We did manage to find one last supplier and produced this.

Back to the story. So I tell them about the season being over and they say, "where do you live?" To which I reply, "15th." "O' you don't live in Paris." I find out where they live. The 7th. Aha the 7th. The land of "merde" free streets, shining doors, The Bon Marche and very expensive dry cleaners. I have been banned from the 7th. The last time I did business at the dry cleaners in the 7th I got mugged and taken to the cleaners. 121.00 Euros for 3 suits and a few shirts. This is when Brandon banned me for the 7th. It is neighbor to the 15th. Apparently it is also home to one of Paris's largest cherry orchards as well.

My goal is to live in "Paris".

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