Le Tour de France-check

There are certain things you must do when you live in certain cities. Reno-Rib Festival, Pleasanton-Cowboy Homecoming, Dallas-State Fair and Paris-Tour de France.

Let's put a check by that box and call it done. There were over 2 million in attendance. That's about 1.99 million to many for me. Crowded. But we did have some fun. The tour takes place on Champs Elysee...very nice area. Where we did a bit of window licking.

There are some amazing stores in this town.

Aside from window licking, we had some prime people watching.

I thought it only fair to give others something to look at. My Little Miss Sunshine.

I had to do it. In return she got the best seat in the house.

While waiting on the riders we took a seat of another kind. There is absolutely no telling how much "merde" we are sitting in.
However, I did get some love for it.

You even get a cleavage shot. Hey, it's Paris and I am probably the only one as far as the eye can see that even has a bra on. There are a few unspoken rules in Paris this time of year. One of them is that bras are not needed. I am not there yet...give me some time.


Jeremy said...

That was a solid on the cleavage shot... as soon as I saw the pic I thought to myself 'whoa, do I need to put this site on the parental block?' Give my thanks to Brandon please.

Grandmama said...

BAD, Jeremy Allen!

your Mother

Peggy Rice said...

I love it! I think I might have to start showing more skin to get people to comment more often. Maybe I will name it RueRiceRedLight!

Yo said...

is this the right time to let everyone know that you have gone around for years insisting you are a B cup only to have a professional measure you and tell you to go down a size????


ps - love aidan's shirt. nice to know our clothes made it to the tour . . .

Peggy Rice said...

Gail! Now I'm going to have to kick your ass!