Up, up and away

Today we finally took the hot air balloon that I watch daily while doing dishes. Each day I look out the window (no less than three times a day), washing dishes a mano...yes, that's by hand. Sucks. Anyways, this balloon and the cool breeze that blows in through the window makes this tedious choir a bit better.

I told myself I am going to bed at 11:00 tonight and it is now 11:32. So, I am cutting it short and will return in the morning.

Life with Jaylee.

Erynn was eating a bowl of cereal before dinner. As many of you with children know, this is a no, no. So I call out to Erynn, since Jaylee and Aidan are now begging at my leg for cereal, ..."Erynn I am going to kick your a-s-s." Mind you I spell this thinking that it is better than saying the word. A few minutes later from the table I hear Jaylee say with such confidence:

"Erynn, now I'm going to have to kick your ass." No spelling required, she just said it.


meg duerksen said...

a hot air balloon?!!
how totally cool are you?

why do you live in paris? it seems like you are from the US but you moved to paris recently....is this close?

i found you through my blog stats page.
i alwasylike to see who links me.
glad to "meet" you!

i hope your husband is getting better.
that sounds like it was rough.

that hot air balloon is so cool.
although i would sitting down and crying out of my fear of heights and telling my kids to "GET AWAY FROM THE SIDES!!!"

have a good day today!

*Devrah* said...

Hey Guys thats so cool I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Tell Brandon that I hope his leg gets better and I love ya!