These are a few of my favorite things

So Paris handed me my a.. today. Instead of hashing out all the gory details, I thought I might spruce up the blog abit. I have added the blogs I love to visit. Mostly, I stalk these blogs, they have no idea who I am, but I feel like we should be friends. Lets, be honest, in my head we are friends.
When I'm missing old clients and just want to smile I visit MarieQ. She is the photographer that I met way to late while living in Dallas. She is the one who did Jaylee's birthday invitations...the cutest invitations ever! Speaking of that I have recently realized that I have neglected to order prints of Aidan during a pumpkin shoot. Why is it the second child gets the short end of the stick?
When I feel sadness tapping my shoulder I visit Prairie Daze. She might actually be the best laid back, creative mom I have ever met. She enjoys every moment and does not worry about every little crazy detail. Her blog is poetry mixed with photo's. A must read.
The whatever blog is just good. You can follow her adventures in home remodeling.
Really, they are all good, but I must mention my friend Renee's blog. Campbell's house is very witty. Renee is a girlfriend of mine from childhood. Anyone who can make you laugh at a one year old with a broken leg in a pink cast is a good mom.
So, these are the blogs that make me smile and can suck me into the computer while I should be doing something productive.
As for me in Paris, well we made it through another day.
I will give you two snapshots of the day. The first comes from the bus:
Out of nowhere the driver stops. The bus is packed. Hot and no moving air. I am claustrophobic. Some lady starts yelling in French. My sentiments exactly if only I knew what she said. More people start in. The driver yells back. The lady next to me (the stroller section) yells the equivalent of "I'm going to the hospital you murderer!" It is the same in Spanish, that is the only reason I know what she said. Bus still not moving. I ask another lady what is going on...thankfully she speaks English. "Somebody didn't buy a ticket." More yelling takes place and then someone buys a ticket.
Finally the stand off ends and we carry on.

Second snapshot of the day:
I get up early in hopes to sign Jaylee up for ballet class. I arrive to a scene that looks like something out of a magazine article. Almost as if people were on gas rations just standing around waiting. People everywhere in no particular order. This gives me anxiety at 8:30 in the morning. Some people have tickets, some don't and they are all swimming in a deep sea of incomprehensible French. I leave. Thankfully, later today my tutor arrived and saved the day. We went back down there, the tidal wave of people was gone. Just a few stragglers like myself. She takes over and we get Jaylee signed up. But not without a hitch. The funny guy at the counter, which he really was, even in a language I don't understand. Says, "Republican or Democrat". Ugh...here we go again. I never know how to answer this question in another country. One misstep and I could be Dixie Chicked.


bob said...

Just say independent.

Carol said...

Just say Democrat!!!!

Sorry it is all been so hard...I promise you by this time next year it will be better....

See if you can find "Petite Anglais"..it looks like a good read..a book from a blog!

How is Brandon ?

Love you