View from above

I had to show you all the view from the balloon. It was a very surreal moment. There are so many buildings. I think it finally hit me that I live a BIG city. This is a far cry from P-Town. These are the water fountains at the park that the kids play in. The park was once the Andre Citroen factory (they made cars) and a bleach factory...they were side by side. But when Paris removed all plants from the city they replaced it with a park...good news for me, because we live about a three minute walk from here.
I do come out from behind the camera from time to time. I am adapting the Parisian way...no make up. Not everyday, but it sure is nice to omit one more step from the routine. Notice the hair, I have also apparently given up on fixing that as well. Wait, I promise not to give up all grooming, I will continue to shave. Once a month at least. Just kidding.
Well today Brandon and I made it through our physicals that prove we are healthy enough to live in France. I had heard that we had to remove our tops and just sit around topless waiting for our chest xray, so I was a bit nervous. I even washed my bra for the occasion. I was planning on putting up a fight. I had also heard that they tell everyone "you are obese". Which is fine, if I were not going to be naked. Also, if they were planning on telling me that I was a bit "juicy" I had hoped they would bless my heart first. But no need to worry all was fine. Our version of thin and the Parisian version of thin I do believe is different. I like food, especially Parisian fresh food and lots of it, not cigarettes. I was even ready with a quick witty remark if they did say it. But no need to be disgruntled today. They were even nice to Pretty. Actually everyone was nice today. Today is Friday, maybe they were feeling nice. I was placed in a closet like space waiting my turn...topless...but covered by Brandon suit Jacket. All I had to do was put my bare chest against a very cold plate that every other person had leaned on that day and take a deep breath. Which I obliged.
So, I made it through no TB for me. I suppose I can now stay in France.

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Becky said...

I love it!! I enjoy reading everytime you write! Keep it coming...