A better day

Sometimes I think God knows when you need a little help and he sent it yesterday. My little cleaning lady, stand in husband and babysitter, who really cannot understand a thing I say showed up yesterday. The bell rang with me in PJ's and there she was on the phone..."madame I'm here." Thank you.

So Jaylee and I headed out for a little one on one time at the market. All the while Aidan was sleeping and Edith was busy ironing...aah sweet woman.
At the market yesterday I picked up a new "flower of week". This week is freesia, you can't be sad with that smell. I remember once on Oprah I heard that Elton John had a live in florist and I just thought... why? Well, now I know. Flowers just make life a little better.

God also has a sense of humor. We all know how Brandon never gets dirty...no vomit on him, never at home when the kids clean out their own diaper...you know all the fun stuff. Well, pretty has been soiled yet again. Not by our children, but by a pigeon. He was walking to the Metro and SPLAT, it got him. He taught Jaylee that pigeons are dirty birds, he coined them trash birds. Well, guess who got the last laugh on that one.

Love to all and thanks for all the great emails, they made me smile!

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