What we have here is failure to communicate

O my goodness!!! Be careful what you wish for! Moved to Paris, love many things...miss English speaking phone company representatives!
As you can tell, our Internet has been down for a bit...still down...I am at The American Library. Maybe I will get smarter by hanging out in the library. O keep wishing. I checked out BOOM the book by Tom Brokaw. I had to return it, just because I'm pretty sure they won't let you keep a book for a year. Have you seen the size of the thing? Anyways, I'm going to buy it so I cannot be so embarrassed at how long it will take me to read. I think I will stick to French wine and cheese guides.
So back to my Internet dilemma. I have no idea how long it will take to remedy, because sadly the technical department of the phone company does not speak English. They speak English to set up the line, just not to help you later on. I asked what I should do and the response in perfect English, "have a friend call." O shit. So, I bite my tongue and here I am, no Internet connection coming at you from the library.
I had a discussion at the park with another mother about this and she says, "O it's Paris, just grab a glass a wine and forget about." She was only visiting for 2 weeks. To bad she cannot feel my mean glance like Brandon.
Okay, enough about my Internet problems.
Erynn arrived this week and life is much better. She is currently playing at the park with Aidan while Jaylee is happily sitting in story time. It is nice to not feel so crazy and trying to have eyes in the back of my head while at the park. She is wonderful. She even got the stroller off the bus today with no help. She is Parisian already. However, we all know Aidan and he is giving her a run for her money.
At the end of the day yesterday she asks, "how do you do it?". O' I believe this will be the best birth control ever.
For days Aidan has been kicking and screaming at her. If she changes his clothes, tries to bath him, tries to feed him...the result is the same. This morning I heard her having a pep talk with him,"Now, are you going to be nice today?" He is a bit slow to warm up, much like his father.
Speaking of Mr. Rice he is in Italy for the week. As story time started today Jaylee says, "My dad is not here anymore." The Librarian looks puzzled and replies, "Really". "Yeah, he travels." A perfect time for my exit to blog.
Another quick Jaylee and Brandon story...seeing as it will be Father's Day soon.
At dinner the first night with Erynn:
"My daddy thinks so Aidan toots all the time. But he doesn't. It's my daddy."
Happy Pre Father's Day Mr. Rice


Grita said...

Sorry to hear about you internet problems but I do like the way it is handled in Paris. Wine always helps with what is stressing you out. Keep up the good work and the wine drinking too. We will take care of it here while you are gone. :-)

Michelle said...

Who is Erynn???I love reading your blog--it makes me feel like you're not so far away. I'll tell you tho, I know I would not be as adaptable as you have been. Hope things start going smoother for you now that ya'll are settled in an apartment bigger than 500 sqf. Enjoy your new culture!