Provence Trip

Well, we made it to Nemis today. We had to get up at 5:00 am to catch the metro to the train station, but in pure B Rice style, we made it. Early. I must say, it feels good to be early. I am not an early person, I would not even attempt to call myself punctual, but traveling with Brandon, one must be. The night before we leave he starts prepping me:

"Peg, we have to leave here no later than 6:15."

I iron a few more shirts.

"Peg, we have to leave here no later than 6:15, can you do that?"

I pack the entire family.

"Peg,...you sure you will be ready?"

As we lay down to go to sleep...I run to the kitchen...and see this...

What? I am telling you this man is the polar opposite of what I grew up with. We had clocks in every room, but we were never on time. The only time that punctuality came into play in our household was enforcing a curfew. Good Lord, be on time for that or you were grounded. That my friends, was the only use for clocks at 1040 Kilgore, Pleasanton, TX.

So, now I'm married to Mr. Punctuality...

Speaking of timeliness. We made it to our first church visit. On Mother's Day we attempted to go, but our built in alarm clock, otherwise known, as Aidan Rice, slept in. So, we set the alarm this past Sunday and made it. Late. O' Mr. Rice hates to be late.

Let me give you a little background. We map out our plan the night before. Decide which chauffeur we should choose...the metro or the bus. We decide on the bus, because with the Metro we were going to have to walk 30 minutes.

Well, we should have taken the Metro.

We got off at the wrong stop. Big difference in Rue and Place.

For a workout like this one...in Texas...I would have worn a sports bra, tennis shoes and shorts. O' wait I don't workout. On this lovely Paris day, I choose fishnet stockings, high heeled boots and a wool blend dress. Nice.

At one point Brandon says,
"I'm not even going to turn around and look at you...I can feel your negativity burning through the back of my head."

In my defense...I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and bad feet (there is a technical term, planter fa...something, spell check down), either way...ouch.

So, we made it. Jaylee loved it and asked if she could go by herself next time. It was African Culture Day and I'm pretty sure she has now tried and loved every African Desert. She has my dessert disease. Now, why she would want to go without us I'm not sure.

So back to Nimes.

The train ride was as good as it gets with two kids. I had heard of compartments between cars with areas for kids to play. Sadly, I never encountered those cars on one of my many walks. Actually, sadder for the people in our car. Apparently, pretty says, there was no connection between 1st and 2nd class, so I flew solo and did alright. He had a reason for not riding in 2nd class with us, but all I heard was...wa.wa.wa.wa.wa.

So, with Brandon off to work, the kids and I were off to explore. First stop food.

Second, Arenes de Nimes. The Amphitheatre was pretty amazing. The bad part, not stroller friendly, not arthritis friendly and not Aidan friendly. He might have a fear of heights. Once we he decided he was done walking he was done walking. So, my turn to start carrying. oUCh! Anyways, another good workout.

So, the rest of this week will go something like this...see some amazing sights, eat some fast food...kid style...take naps...and get ready to move into something larger than 500 sq. ft.

Jaylee's quote of the day:
While we were out sightseeing I tricked the kids into some window shopping in Nimes. Very nice places!

"Jaylee do you like that?"
Yeah, I think so it's pretty, she responds.
"O I like that", I tell her, "do you?"
You know what I like, she asks?
I think so I like you.

I love that kid!!!!

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