Happy Birthday To Brandon

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Well, Pretty is another year older.
People said that when you move to another country it will either bring you closer together or it will tear you apart. Thankfully, I like him more now, than I did a few months ago. Even though he does not get "dirty" he is a great father. Here is just small example of why of I love B.

Yesterday he signed all the paper work for the apartment. Mind you, we looked at apartments on Tuesday and closed on Thursday. That is unheard of in France. The agent was impressed. She said, "Brandon this is Paris, this does not happen." Brandon's response, "Roselyne I pissed off a lot of people to make this happen."

We don't have a checkbook. In order to have a checkbook, you have to have an address. In order to have an address you have to have a checkbook. You see where this is going.

So, we needed a cashiers check. Any man with a Slurpee machine in the states can get you a cashiers check.

Not France.

You must go to the branch where you opened your account. Not, one of the many branches near your home. No, must go to the branch office that is an easy 30 minute train ride. Now, in order to actually get a check...on the same day...with your own money...apparently is not normal. So, after a few phone conversations and emails, he is determined to get it. Since the poor guy has not heard from the bank and the time is nearing he boards a train. While waiting for the train he gets a call from our bankers "assistant"...

"Sir, since you will not be able to make it here today, I will have the check for you in the morning."
"I am on my way."
"O and you can make it by 5?"
"Yes."...mind you our signing appointment is at 5:30

During this time Brandon has been emailing people to get the cashiers check...since our advisor was unavailable for two days he sent her an email...her response:

You sent me a copy of an e-mail, what do think am I? I am a human being, not a machin,if you need something from me , talk to me and I would help you..
Best regards
Karine MarinelBank Advisor

This response, is from a simple email asking for a cashiers check to be ready. Apparently, email is not a form of communication. Did I mention this girl was in "meetings" all morning and we started this process yesterday. Remember, this is our money, not a loan. I am puzzled.

Brandon's response:

I was told to send this to you in order for the guy up front to make out the checks? You may want to discuss with him if I am not to send emails to you.

Bankers response:

You can send e-mail, no trouble, I would have just appreciate you to write me for exemple ''Hello , I'm a new customer and like the guy up front told me I send you this e-mail because I need cashier checks..."Best regards

O wait, did I catch a hello in her greeting...no. Also, if you are going to "school" us in the ways of the French, you better work on that grammar sister!

So, Brandon says the reason for all this is that they want you to have a relationship with the banker...a more personal level.

Riddle me this:

Why do I want a relationship with this warm and gracious bank advisor?

If she would have started with:

Dear sir, Bonjour, pick one,

I am sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and we will have a check ready...something along those lines...that might have gone over a better.

So this is Brandon's life on a daily basis. He is a good man, because I would have gone to blows with the woman once I got to the bank. As a side note, she never even met him when he arrived at the bank.

Brandon just called. Guess where he is on his lunch break. Changing banks. That's my boy!!

Happy Birthday my love!


jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!
The Parisians sound a lot like the Mexicans, must be polite first or nothing is going to happen! Glad you found a place so fast, can't wait to see the inside. Love you so very much son. Love you all, Mom R

Jeremy said...

Peg - check your spam or junk mail... communicating through posting on your blog is a pain.

I'm headed to the UK mid-June, but can't swing a trip through gay Paris. Probably best because it sounds like I'd end up punching some French folks in the face.

Happy birthday Brandon... old man.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brandon!!! SHouldn't your birthday be a Holiday in Paris? Hope you have a wonderful day! We miss ya'll so much!!! Love all of you!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Welcome! said...

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Pretty Brandon,
Happy Birthday To You!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday Brandon and good for you...when I was young the favorite reminder in the face of the famous Gaelic sense of time and supieriority was : "And who won the war ?"

Love to all


Christine Turner said...

Hey Peggy, great blog. Thank you for letting us glimpse into your crazy Parisian life. Had dindin with your mom and ALL she tslked about was you and the kids. She looks great and we had a great time. You do know I will be visiting you with her... can not wait. Love ya.

Brenna said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos a mi primo!

My mom reminded me of Brandon's b-day last week... not sure how she keeps track of everyone's birthdays and anniversaries-I have 22 cousins here in CR!!! (guess that's why she's a such a good mom).

Congrats on the apartment, the terrace sounds amazing! Be sure to post your address when you have one...wanna send some old fashion paper love!

Beth said...

Hey, I did not know Brandon and I shared a birthday. Aren't we special. Happy birthday Brandon.

Peggy, I enjoy reading all of your messages. They are quite entertaining. Glad you are all doing well up there. Take care.
Love, Beth