Apartment hunting

Well, it can be done...work in the month of May. We actually looked at apartments. Good ones. Well, I must say we were expecting the worse, but we were actually pleasantly surprised by the choices. Brandon has a good theory as to why we thought they were all so great. If you keep someone in 500 sq. ft. long enough, anything looks good. Well, it worked. Truly we had good choices. By the end of the day I was exhausted and confused. We had appointments for ten apartments, but got to see 8. The other two, I have a feeling would have been amazing, because I loved the buildings and locations, however no one was there to meet us with a key. Yes, we had an appointment. You know it was sunny outside and maybe they just weren't feeling the work thing. I know, you are thinking..."where is the lock box". Funny. That is not going to happen here. The entire process of house hunting needs a whole book to itself. Actually, I bet they have one, but I can condense the version really quick for you. Do not attempt to find an apartment in early May. Everyone will tell you, "O' Paris it is impossible". Well, it was nice. Our agent said, "yes, the Americans are very optimistic, I think it is a good quality, not so much the Parisians." They also warned us that we might have to put a years worth of rent into a special account, just in case. Brandon's response...I will let you guess. But, it started out with, "that is stupid, why would I do that when I could be making money..." He is not shy with his thoughts.

So all the frustration aside, we had a wonderful experience and it looks like we are getting our first choice. You put in your top 3 and then cross your fingers from there. We heard today, that we could sign tomorrow. Wow. Things are looking good.

Our current apartment is across the street from these people with a wonderful top floor apartment with a "large" terrace...filled with plants and climbing roses. At night I can hear them eating dinner and I just think...I want that. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I got one, but even bigger. We have stairs inside the apartment that lead to...

That is 70 m2 of terrace. It also, came with a fully equipped kitchen. For those of you who don't know, like myself. In Paris it is very common to move into a house with just a sink. You put in the kitchen. Well, the kitchen is in, which means, I have that budget to outfit the terrace!!! Brandon just thought he was going to save some cash. I have already gone to Ikea and marked all the pages. It is time to rent a truck.

However, for every plus, comes a minus. Our minus, the appearance of the building. Not my favorite. But, it is in the 15th, close to everything and did I mention the view. So, here is the outside, eye soar...Bad. But, the right bank of windows and the top of the building, make me look past it.

Now, for the building that was beautiful and we did not get to see...so sad.

Well, we have not signed yet, and maybe a miracle will come that I get a building that looks like this with a balcony! One can wish.

So, that's what we've been doing. While we were out looking for apartments Jaylee and Aidan tried out a new babysitter. To get Aidan to calm down I lied and told him she knew Queta. Bad. But, he did okay...no phone calls. Later that night, I asked Jaylee a few questions.

So, did you like the babysitter?


Was she as good as Queta?


Was she as good as Roxanne?


Would you like her to come again?

"Yeah, I guess"

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Renee Codina said...

Sweet digs!
Woo hoo on the babysitter, too.