Mother's Day

Well, what's a mother's day without a load of laundry? It doesn't get more mother than that. I will say that I did have my coffee in bed before I started the laundry. However, George Clooney did not serve it up, but Pretty did and it was even better.

Don't feel bad for me doing laundry on mother's day, I did have help...

I'm not sure about soccer and her future, but she does have fun with her dad at the park. I know it is odd, but serenity in 500 sq. ft. is clean laundry and a clean apartment. So, Brandon took the kids to the park and I got busy on making my little piece of Paris a bit more tranquil. In just two hours I got 5 loads of laundry done and the apartment nice and clean. See, one nice thing about living in 500 sq. ft. across the street from a laundry mat.

Now the children have been bathed...

Both of them are asleep in their beds. Pretty, well, he fell fast asleep on the couch during an episode of Eloise and me...I have the best gift of all...Peace and quiet.

Bonne Nuit

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Yolanda said...

I had an awesome Mother's Day, myself . . . laundry, a girl movie, some scrapbooking and an hour long conversation with my good friend who left me for Paris.

Love Ya,