Today was another great day! The Palace of Versailles was great. Really I did not pay much attention in history class of any sort, so today made me want to get a history book. This place was enormous. One of those places that we will take visitors. Oddly enough as we walked through all I could think of was Shrek...Duloc. Don't know why. Anyways, we also had our first nice dining experience in Paris. Believe it or not the kids were pretty good. Only two spills. One glass of water was projected at Cheryl and hot coffee was spattered on me. All in all, no melt downs and no scenes. The restaurant was inside the gardens of the Palace. After eating we headed out to see all the fountains and gardens. I'm including a slide show only because you have to see this place and we actually got some pictures as a family. So there you have it, I came out from behind the camera. I thought it might be time to document that the mother was also on the trip...seeing as it is going to be Mother's Day in the morning.
On that note, Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies! I will be laying in bed drinking my Nespresso and having toast. Brandon needs to go to the store for the toast. Just making sure that he knows what I want. Then it's off to try out a new church. The other day out of the blue, Jaylee says,"when are you going to find me a church." Enough said we are on it. She also wants a babysitter. "When are you going to get me a babysitter so that you and daddy can go on a date?" "I hope you get a good one, like my Queta." Sorry Roxanne.
Bonne Nuit.
I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day.
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Roxanne said...

Ha :) Let Jaylee know that I still love her even though I wasnt a good babysitter. lol

Happy Mother's Day Peggy!