Surreal Day

Some moments of my own life I can't believe. Like today. First off look what came back to the Rice Family.

We had all but, decided these items had been blown up and never to be seen again. But, my friends, miracles do happen. The kids were so excited to see their belongings again. Even though in the grand scheme of things, toys and dolls are not a big deal, they sure did put a smile on our faces. It just goes to prove that people of the world are not so bad after all. Also, now I don't have to give the stare down to every kid in the neighborhood.

So the other surreal moment of the day...
we had a picnic in the park. In front of the Eiffel Tower. I think of all the pictures and Paris decorating things I had around my house for so long and then I look up. I think it hit me today. It is amazing to know that we actually live here and this is our park and this is our picnic.
Things just take a little longer to hit me sometimes. It is a good life.
Bonne Nuit.

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