Tales from the park

Okay we all know my main job in Paris is to wear the children out...at the park. Well, I have learned a lot about myself and my kids at the park. So, this blog is dedicated to my "research".

While chatting with my new friend at the park she grabs around her waist and says, "what do you do about this?" Well, I laugh and inform her that in the States we call that a muffin top and don't ask me I have one too. "I know that's why I mention it." What? Easy Tiger. In Texas we soften a blow like that with a "bless your heart" or better yet, save it for a time when I'm not present and tell a friend, but don't forget to "bless my heart" first.

Later at the park I meet a man from Germany. We begin to talk and he mentions that his son is picking up French pretty easily and he is not yet enrolled in school. So, in perfect Peggy fashion, I mention that Jaylee is picking some up from Scooby Doo in French and other French cartoons. "We are trying to stay away from television." Conversation over. I learned along time ago that I'm not that "good" of a parent. A mother can get many things done during an episode of Barney...or two.

Lastly, sometimes watching the kids at the park can be both heartbreaking and joyful. When you see other little girls ignore your child or not let them play with the group, the mother bear in you just wants to pounce on them. But, the rational mother in you knows that this part of growing up is sadly necessary. Oddly, enough Jaylee is more resilient than I am. When she does find a friend she screams across the park, "mom I made a friend!". Again the joyful knife hits. I have to remember that my friends and I made it through Miss McKinney's playground, which mind you, could be brutal. Jamie, Beth, Meredith and Stephanie look sweet now, but trust me, we all made it through the playground smack down a time or two. The only thing that makes me smile when I watch the heartbreak is that now these girls and I are still great friends. So, I will remain the silent bear in waiting just in case she needs me...

The world through Jaylee's eyes:
"Is there a different God in Paris?"
No, why?
"Because it rains a lot in Paris."
"Is God in the clouds?"
God is everywhere.
"Does he count the clouds"
I'm sure he does.
"I like to count."
Let's all hope she gets better at this: 12345611teen, 14, 16...
"You know what that circle in the clouds is?"
What's that.
"HIS bottom."


Yolanda said...

UGH. Even little ol' former catholic, now agnotic self got teary reading about god's butt up in the clouds. maybe my soul isn't so dark afterall.


Yolanda said...

i meant AGNOSTIC

kim said...

Love the pure innocence and natural wittiness through the eyes of a child it put a sunbeam in my heart.

Love Ya,

Carol said...

Dear Peggy...

I wish I could say it gets easier...but it doesn't...just be there behind her and love, love love.


Roxanne said...

I miss y`all so much!! Miss JJ and Aiden look so big in their pictures.
So I sent Tim McGraw an email about him singing a song that counts up to at least 20...so there is some hope. lol Here's my thought shes got the 1..2..3...(like a bird I sing) down real stong. :) She'll get the rest in due time.

Love Ya