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Hi all!
Many of you have asked for our contact info and really I thought we would have an address at this point, but no luck. It seems we hit France in the month of May otherwise known as the national "Sorry that is a holiday" month. Our stuff is at the port, complete with the vonage package...the one to set up the local Dallas number. However, if you call that number we can see your messages on our email and then call you back. So, that being said, we were going to look at apartments on the 9th only to get a email informing us that sadly May 9th was a holiday...another 4 day weekend...which in the states would be prime searching. MLS forget about it. That might be easy...it could possibly delete a few delightful people that stand in the way of you and something larger than 500 sq.ft.. So, we remain in the 500 sq. ft.. For now, to make sure that any mail gets to us...lord only knows what the month of June brings...you can use Brandon's address at work.

Brandon Rice

IP Department

Nestlé Waters Nestlé Waters M.T.

12 boulevard Garibaldi

92793 Issy les Moulineaux

Our home number will be 817.478.1932

My cell number is 06 59 14 41 17

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