Not a bad day at the office

Well, I must say that my emotions have run to each end of the spectrum since I stopped working. I am telling you, one cannot rationalize with these children, like you can a grown adult...well some adults. But, yesterday, was one of those days, that I couldn't be happier not to be grooming the fine ladies of Ellis County. But, to be totally honest, I saw some skin (leather hide) that could use some of my TLC. These ladies and men had been on the beach their entire lives and had never seen a day when they applied an SPF. Trust me, I saw it all. One thing I will say about the Mediterranean beach, is whether they looked like they just stepped off the pole or straight out of the nursing home, they had confidence and that always looks good. One question, if you are topless...why wear a necklace? No one is looking at that necklace, with the exception of myself...and all I want to know is why.

I have to say even the old men were showtime. The new speedo looks more like my new underwear...scary.

So anyway, the kids had a great time and not one mention of the boobs. Well, you know Aidan, he is a boob man. He holds out that little hand and starts to act like he is waving, but trust me, that's not a wave...that's a give me some boob I remember the goods.

O yes, I must give kudos to myself. The kids were in the sun from 10am to 5:30pm and not a burn in sight.
Tomorrow we are off to the Lavender Fields and shops. To a skin care therapist it doesn't get better than this. Jaylee has Disney and I have Lavender Farms.


Renee Codina said...

Absolutely love the shades!! Please tell Jaylee she looks like a rock star!

Brenna said...

Great portraits of J & A!!! Worth printing!

Erin said...

Jaylee looks like you with her sunglasses on. My on she is growing up.

Kerrie said...

This Is Jordan and i just wanted to say that Jaylee looks adorable. I love u all and miss u guys so much hugs and kisses Jordan ann! U can sent me blogs to @ lilbarb101@wildblue.net! ILYA