Back to Life

Well, vacation over and back to real life.
We loaded up on the train...take my advice...always take the early train while traveling in France. Why you ask. Odor. The aroma in the cars is not fresh in the afternoons. I feel comfortable saying this, because I stink too. Yes, I said it.
We have all heard it. The stinky French. Well it is not their fault. The deodorant, yet expensive, does not work. I use it everyday and everyday I think to myself..."is that me?". Yes, it is.
So, here is my first open apology to the French.
Thankfully, the thrifty husband that I have told me of this expensive deodorant, so I stocked up at Costco before we left. Our crate arrives tomorrow. Goodbye stink.

Life on a train with Jaylee:
There were two very nice woman that rode facing us back to Paris. Jaylee made fast friends. While we were chatting...in English. We discussed learning French. I mention that I start my tutor once we return to Paris...
J: "My dad is a tutor"
Lady: "He is?"
J: "Yes"
Me: "Jaylee, he is not."
J: "Yes he is. He toots and farts all the time. Remember this morning when he tooted and wiggled his bottom."
UGH......I feel myself sweating more.
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Becky said...

Peggy!! So great to read about your adventures. The kids look wonderful and your wit comes through in your writing. Take care and enjoy this journey!!

Renee of Austin said...

I remember why I love you so much... you totally crack me up!
So happy to hear that Jaylee got the comedy gene, too. Give her a big kiss from me!

Let me know when you need another shipment of Degree... it is the best you know?

Jaclyn said...

tooter. lmao.
love, jaclyn