To do: wear out children

Since we arrived the kids and I have not gotten much sleep. One night Aidan will sleep and the other Jaylee will sleep. This boils down to no sleep for mom. So, today I decided it was time to take charge. I had the kids out from 4 until 7. Now they are asleep...thank you Jesus.
These kids have been great. They are eating new foods, walking everywhere, getting used to a new town and playing with kids in the park that they cannot communicate with. However, in Aidan's situation you just walk right up to whatever you want and take it. Have a glare off with the poor child and nanny and continue on like nothing ever happened. So really I cannot complain, but I am tired. Hence, the two sleeping children. I think the walking and the melatonin that I split in their apple juice did the trick.
So tomorrow starts off our school hunt. Jaylee misses CU and her friends so badly that she now assigns herself homework. We have a total of 8 schools to start with and then from there we will decide where our apartment should be.
Besides wearing the children out I attempted the dry cleaners, bakery and meat shop. Yes there are technical terms for these, but I don't know them. As for the dry cleaning I have no idea what I got, when to pick it up or how much she will charge me. I did get that I needed to pay upon dropping off, but we both got the jest that I didn't have Euros on me. Or so I think. So I left two shirts with her and we will see what comes out. The bakery was great and I finally tried an eclair. It was supposed to be for Jaylee's dessert, but you see what happened to her. You snooze you lose the eclair. Lastly, the butcher next door is a good man. I start speaking and he says, "Habla espanol?". Viola complete conversation. Just not in French.
Bonne nuit
Ps. I love the comments and the emails. We miss you guys already.


Jim Van said...

Hi Rices in Paris !!
I really enjoy your commentary !!
Enjoyed our talk this AM.
I'll try to call only on the home phone for now so it won't cost you ! Let me know when you get your new Paris cell # . Do you know if you will have to pay for incoming calls on your Paris cell??

Luv Dad

Grandmama said...

Hi Peggy does Paris!
You really, really should think about writing a book around this move. You're hilarious! Just let ME edit it!!! (I know, I know, you don't know how to use spell check...) Take good care. Love, deb

Renee Codina said...

Hi Peggy!
Everything sounds wonderful! Don't forget that Texas is wonderful, too =) Let me know when you need some Austin flavor and i'll ship you all a surprise care package.
Give your kiddos and Brandon a kiss from me.
PS- I cry everytime I read your blog....??

Kerrie said...

Druggin the kiddos naturally, you are desperate for sleep. I love the blog and now Jody is reading it too. Lots of love to you, my brother, niece and nephew!! XOXO Kerrie

Peggy Rice said...

Hi Grandmama Deb,
I think I should put a disclaimer on the "about me" part: queen of the run on sentence and many other grammatical errors. If my high school English teachers ever get a hold of this they would feel such shame. You can most definitely have the job of editor.

Peggy Rice said...

Hey Renee,
I too cry when I read this blog! I'm just kidding. To bad they can't send margaritas in the mail.
Love Ya,