C'est le mien-that's mine

Brandon says you all are going to think that I'm bored. It's not that. This blog is much cheaper than therapy and it gives me a way to laugh at myself. So enjoy at my expense.

So, we all know that Brandon is, shall we say, tight. He kept saying that everything in Paris is expensive! I would ignore him on the phone, make nice and head out to Target. Well, ladies and gentlemen he was not kidding. I picked up some toys for the kids to play with in the sand box at the park. These toys combined at the Dollar General would have been no more than $4. France these toys were more like $8 a piece. So, inflated as they may be, and made in France no doubt we headed off to the park. Well, Wednesday school is out and the park was packed!!! Nevertheless, we headed to the sandbox. To my horror, other little kids starting making off with our new toys. Normally, this would not be a big deal, but call me cheap, I don't see a dollar general anywhere to replace these. Trust me I love these kids, but these prices are going to start dipping into the wine stash!

So, I let it go for awhile, keeping an eye on our bucket and shovel. When this woman says, "Every time we come I lose a toy. Yours looks how do you say...new." I laugh it off thinking O' not me. Well, it was time to go and I go directly up to the one kid tap her on the shoulder, point to the shovel and she gladly hands it over. Now, on to the pack of 4-5 year old boys that have the bucket. I know I'm 33, but I have never been more intimidated in my life. Give me a break, I've waxed bikinis for a living for the past 7 years. Well, I scurried off to my friend to ask for advice. She and my new friend laugh and say, "C'est le mien"...that's mine. I practiced a few times, talked myself up and head off. I walked up to the cute little pack of them, politely smiled, and said, "C'est le mien". It worked.

Off to view schools in the morning...one word the Metro.

Bonne nuit.


kim said...

I guess it's the same rule all over, when you bring a toy to the park it's community property. I have to chase down vanessa's toys when we go to the park also or return a toy that she's borrowed to its owner, but I didn't have to pay a small fortune for the toy, ouch!
Love Ya Kim

Carol said...

Good for you! Let those French know they cannot take our toys :-)

I love the blog...I miss you and I love reading about your adventure!

Hugs and kisses all around!


Erin said...

We will have to send you some toys so that your wine stash doesn't have to be touched. We love and miss you! We are having Aubrey dedicated May 11th.

jeanne said...

I read your blog for the first time today and Peggy, it is AWESOME!!!
I love the pictures and commentary, who needs spell check anyway. Glad to hear all is going well, can't wait to hear about the schools. Will you post a picture of the four of you in Paris, we are missing you greatly and want to see your smiling faces.
Love you all, Jeanne