Public Restrooom Take One

Well, there is much to talk about, but not many pictures...sorry. The weekend is here and Brandon will be with me to help out and man the camera, so stay tuned for Monday.

First subject: The Metro

Let's start with I'm claustrophobic. Now add two kids, a stroller, entry bar wheel thing and fast moving doors. Let's not forget the tickets. None of these are my cup of tea or espresso. Thank God Brandon was of clear head to wake up the morning of the school tours and say, "I'm going to go with you on the Metro." Even with two of us it was an "a-- kicking".

The school was cute, just three simple rooms and very nice people. Monsieur Aidan made himself right at home and went directly for the snack table.

Now, let's talk public restrooms in Paris. I took the kids to Georges Brassens park today with Katie another Expat from Nestle. We had a great day. It was so nice to get out in the fresh air, no rain today, and just enjoy the day. This park had about four playgrounds, scent gardens, rose garden and a ping pong table area. Aidan took about four good headers while we were there, but it did not slow him down. Walking home, Katie touched Jaylee's head and at some point she got a goose egg on the top of her head. Naked, my children look they have been put through the tumble cycle. Now, back to the bathrooms. At some point Aidan found time to grace me with one of the worse bowel movements he has ever gifted me. So off to the bathroom we go. In France there are no separate bathrooms for men and women. Not only that, but in my lucky case there was no changing table. So we braved the floor. Yuck, I know. While braving the floor a father and son came in utilized the urinals and were off on their way. Very interesting. You want to look, because it is so odd for you, but you don't look. Must be like the locker room for guys...even though they don't say it. Anyway, the embarrassment is yet to come...Miss Jaylee will be with me one day. I pray they don't understand English.

Lastly, a little appreciation for the USA. My good friend Carol is a Librarian and this one is for her. Libraries in France are not free. Thank the USA for your library access. Our family membership for a year was 150 euros...that is about $225.00. I asked my friend from Lebanon if their libraries were free and she didn't even think they had libraries. So, go to the library...

bonne nuit


Marie Q Photography said...

Well... it is an adventure isn't it. Hope you are having fun!

kim said...

I don't know which is worst having to pay to pee in a hole in Italy or a coed restroom? Yeh! Have fun with that. Georges Brassens Park looks beautiful!

Love Ya,

Peggy Rice said...

I forgot about the holes in Italy!!! I hear they have them here as well. I can't imagine what Jaylee will do with that.

Laura & David said...

Hey Rue Rice! We love the blog. We think you are doing great! I can't believe you are in Paris! take care of yourself/family! We look forward to your next blog entry. Love You!

*Devrah* said...

Hi there Peggy! I miss you all very much, it has been too long sense we have seen you, and hope to see you all very soon. Don't let the bathrooms there scare ya ;)

With much Love,

Carol said...

Thanks for the plug for libraries...all part of the Jeffersonian commitment to a free and informed citizenery!

Thank you for sharing your adventure with me! It makes my day!