Paris Weekend

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Okay guys, we had a great weekend! The weather held up great and we had a blast with the kids.

Saturday morning started out a bit rough. Jaylee had one of her classic...I can't wear these jeans


Only she pulled it on her dad.

So after a rough and late start, she pulled it together and we were on our way to Notre Dame. The line was unbelievably long, so we figured we have plenty of time and headed to the park on the side of ND.

Saturday night, we had dinner with the Dunlap family another expat family that is here with Nestle. They live in a great apartment not to far from us. Actually, they stayed in the same temporary housing as us. So they can appreciate living in 500 sq. ft. Brandon is in love with their apartment. I love it too. However, they are on the 16th floor that affords a fabulous view, great sun, ventilation the whole nine yards. Did I mention it was on the 16th floor. Unless, Brandon gets the whole family outfitted with parachutes, I don't think I can do it. Did I mention I was claustrophobic. There is plenty of air and sun, but if I don't see a quick escape route my chest feels like it is closing in on me. I discussed it with my mom this morning and I believe as high as I can go is the eight floor. She says that fire ladders go as high as the 8th floor. Trust me my mom is the queen of Trivial Pursuit and I believe her. So, for my chicken self, we are going to have to stay a little closer to the ground. Sorry. Even at the 8th floor I will have to construct some kind of Rapunzel contraption just in case of an emergency. Anyways, it was a great dinner and I look forward to many more evenings with them.

So, after Brandon got over his case of the "sleepy" that calls for Tylenol...we were off to Jardin Du Luxembourg. Paris knows how to do parks. They have restaurants in the park that serve coffee, snacks, lunch and wine. I have been looking for a to go coffee since I got here. So now I sip on my coffee while I watch the kids. Viola, I have found my park. We spent four hours there and only played in one section of the park. The original Statue of Liberty is there, soap box cars, toy boats and pony rides. So, we will be back.

Tomorrow is Monday and we are headed to Switzerland with Brandon. He has work and we are going to fit in a little family time when he gets done with work. My friend Patty Hescock, from college lives in East France, so we are going to stop in and see her as well. We will send pictures from the Snow. Maybe, we might get to take the kids skiing for the first time!!

Bonne Nuit


*Devrah* said...

Haha that video is priceless, and I remember when she was just a little baby awe. Miss you all bunches =) Email me sometime love ya!

Renee Codina said...

HILARIOUS video!!! You are so mean =) i love it.

patty said...

Peggy, you are done for. If Jaylee ever sees that video in her teens she will spend at least a month not talking to you. I thought it was hilarious but I'm her aunt who will send her Barbie shoes. Anyhow, way impressed with the blog and all the things you are doing. Again, can't wait to visit the wine and cheese shops. Did I mention that you need to scope out the wine shops??? Love you lots.....Sister Patty

LeighAnn said...

Peggy, Great way to handle the "I don't want to wear these jeans" moment. Jonathan watches it over and over. I'll have to try that one. I'll be sure and send it to you when I do.
Looks like ya'll are having a fantastic time there. I can't wait to come and visit. I hope all is well. We LOVE and MISS ya'll bunches...LeighAnn
Oh! Stay away from tight closed spaces.