Mom my tummy hurts

When your daughter says, "mom my tummy hurts", it usually means you have a few minutes to prepare...not with Jaylee. The poor thing gets so car sick!!! So an hour out of Paris our first explosion comes. Well, a few miles more..."mom my tummy is grumbly". O' yes again. Now, is a good time to mention we have no plastic bags in the car. So we stop, yet again, and "prepare". Of course in the middle of nowhere France people don't speak or understand English, let alone the word vomit. So I continue on with gestures and they get it. Now, armed with a "sanitary napkin" bag we are feeling prepared. Wrong! The bottom gives out. So, now we are on the side of the road, Jaylee is naked and she is saying..."I'm not going to have any clothes left." So true. Now, is also a good time to mention, that Brandon, aka "pretty" is spotless and has yet to touch any vomit. O' he makes such a good observer. So, we are off again and surprisingly we are all in good spirits. So we are almost at our hotel and Viola projectile vomit. "Pretty" has been soiled.

Bonne Nuit.


Brandon said...

This is "Pretty"!! I do not feel that my support is being recognized or supported like it should. Just think if I would not have driven the car, you would not have had the great story to share with all our friends!! So you are welcome and I will continue to support you and the children for years to come.

Yolanda said...

Love the story and I have one for you. Pretty will appreciate this one.

I go the pharmacy yesterday with one 4 year old child (thank gawd I only have one kid with me). The very asian pharmacist with a VERY asian accent tells me, "make sure you take this antibiotic with a rotta-rater". Ky looks at me and in front of her says, "what is a rotta-rater?" and I, masking the horror, say "no, honey she said A LOT OF WATER". he insists "no she didn't, she said rotta-rater". UGH. Moving along he tells the checker at the pharmacy he needs medicine. "why?" she asks . . . "I got a lot of snot". She laughs and continues to ring us up. Now Ky says "my head is feeling foggy". "Foggy?" she asks. Ky says "yeah, foggy. you people got claritin D?" At least the other funnys made people forget the "rotta rater".

Peggy Rice said...

O' Yo,
I'm so sorry!!! It reminds me of when Jaylee asked if the girl at Starbucks was a guy...over and over again. I say no, but Jaylee responds with, "O she just wants to be a boy." UGH!! I miss you and our daily talks. I tried to use my cell phone today international and could not figure it out. I will call when I have Brandon in the car with me on Sunday. Miss you.