Let me guess...you're not from Paris

One thing I have picked up on rather quickly is that everyone in Paris wears black. Also, it rains everyday. So literally, I could wear the same thing everyday and no one would know, because I always have a jacket on. Now, Jaylee on the hand, you can see her coming. I think the pink cowgirl boots give it away. Maybe, it is the spring outfit under the black coat. I'm not sure, but something let people in the park know that we were not Parisians. We met two very nice moms in the park today.
The first time we went to the park we were there on a weekend and it looked like a normal park. Today, it looked like a scene out of the Nanny Diaries. All the Nannies gathered under the gazebo, while the kids run around. So, the two moms and I got along just fine. One of the woman was from Paris, but had lived in Oklahoma for a while and the other was a Lebanese woman, by the name of Elana. The French woman let me in on a bit of French culture. Most all French women work. I did not know this and now I'm glad I'm not a French woman.

On to other funny stories. So, Jaylee and Aidan's carry on luggage, got lost in the shuffle from the airport to the apartment, reason #2 I went to the park...I'm looking for a kid with a Bitty Baby. Anyways, 500 sq. ft. and no toys equals one big problem. The kids are under your feet all day. So, when I was doing the dishes in my closet sized kitchen by myself it was nice. Then to much time has passed with no interruptions. The new toy of choice...a fresh new box of tampons. Yes Aidan made a new toy. So we are off to the store again. They are really going to think I have a problem. Lucky for me Jaylee found herself entertained with the camera.
Bonne nuit

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Brenna said...

Salut Peggy! Comment ca va adjour'dui?

Thank you for letting me in on your blogging experiment, it's great BTW. I'm sooo jealous you get to live in Paris! Been wanting to go there since I was 5 and practicing ballet five days a week. I dance all the way through my senior year in high-school and studied french for 4 years at L'Alliance Francaise in San José, so I consider myself pretty fluent but I'm sure I have a horrible latino-accent! haha! Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful time and enjoy the adjustment, Jaylee and Aidan look so cute (keep them cowgirl boots on!)

I'll keep checking La Rue Rice for updates. All the best,


Anonymous said...

I miss you SO much, but I love the blog. Keep posting so that we will know what is going on with ya'll. Give Jaylee and Aidan a kiss for me. Holden told me that he can still picture them when he closes his eyes...it was so sweet! Nannie teared up when she looked at the pictures from the other night. She said that it just breaks her heart! Love and miss you!!!


Missy said...

Don't you dare let Miss Jaylee take off those boots. We certainly don't want her to lose her flair for Texas Chic Couture! When she grows out of them I will be happy to send her another pair.

Miss you bunches!

Yolanda said...

So this is coming from someone who is NOT from Texas . . .


Love you,

Peggy Rice said...

You have to give everyone background on your shoe preference. My dear friend Yo is a huge fan of the Birkenstock. I try to "fancy" her up as Jaylee says, but she loves her Birk's!
Love Ya,
P aka Gayle

Peggy Rice said...

If you are ever looking for a vacation/nanny position call us! We would love any accent as long as you can speak French! Bring the cutie boyfriend and hang out in France for a while. By the way, your mom's email account is not working, when you get a chance please email it to me.
love ya

Peggy Rice said...

Missy I may call in that favor!