Paris market

Today was market day in Paris! What an experience. We forgot the memory stick to the camera, so we will get pictures of the market to you at a later date. Brandon and I got to practice our French and shop at the same time. Now, if we can cook something with all that we got, has yet to be determined. We are not sure how bad we sounded, but we looked prepared with our grocery bags. Our friend Julie in Arlington custom printed the green bag with the R and Jamie and I found the brown and green bag at moon mippy in San Antonio. We may sound crazy, but we look ok.
Jaylee"ism" for the day:
on the walk home from the market
Pigeon's are dirty.
Because, they eat trash.
Bonne journee...have a nice day.

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Marie Q Photography said...

Tres Bien! I'm proud of you Miss Peggy!! Love the pictures and the stories. I hope you keep posting.